Wednesday, July 9, 2008


Growing up as a child of the 80's, I developed a love for 80's hair bands. It was almost my way of being "rebellious" without being over the edge. Sure these bands were "hard rock" or "heavy metal", but really they just played pop songs wrapped up in guitars. Usually they were songs about love, women, cars or just being happy.

One of the bands that I got into in the late 80's was Poison. This was a band who had all the traits of a successful hair band. Great songs, big choruses, and the women loved them. I never got to see them during their "hey day", but since they reformed in '99 with the original lineup I've caught them at least 4x.

I have a good friend that lives in LA who has toured with Poison. He called me a year ago to tell me that CC Deville had just gotten saved. Then June 23rd of this year, he called to tell me that CC showed up at church on 6.22 and rededicated his life. The tour would be hitting Nashville on July 8th, so my friend called CC and put us on the list. I told him I'd love to encourage CC and bring him some books and music to help him in his walk.

Fast forward to last night, July 8th. Bonnie and I made our way down to the Sommet Center. After checking in at will call, we found out that Poison hadn't turned in their guest list yet. At 6:45, I received a call from CC on my cell wanting to know where we were. He sent up his personal assistant to get us and took us back to his dressing room.

This lead to a hour and half converstation about what God is doing in his life. To say this was surreal is an understatement. First off, I'm sitting in the dressing room of one of my favorite band members, then to top it off, he's talking about his salvation experience, and how he's getting chill bumps talking about what God is doing in his life. Then he's asking Bonnie and I questions on how he should handle things. After about an hour, my pastor Pete Wilson and Brian Alexander came down to spend some time with us and CC. CC asked us to watch the show and see if there was anytime we felt that he wasn't honoring God. Wow.

The show was pretty awesome. Filled with all the hits, fist pumping and pyro.

After the show, we went back and spent another 20 min with CC in his dressing room. We were able to share our thoughts on the show, and spend a few more minutes encouraging him. At the end, we all gathered around and prayed for our new brother in Christ. I told CC that Bonnie and I may try to go see them again in Atlanta in a few weeks, to which he asked me to make sure and hold him accountable when I see him.

All this to say, CC has had a wild ride with his life. He's sold over 25 million records, played to millions of people, and now he's made a new turn in his life for Christ. He's going to have a tough road ahead with the temptations that the road and the lifestyle that he leads brings. Please keep him in prayer as you read this, or hear a Poison song on your local Jack FM or classic rock station.

Below is a video I shot at the show, not the best quality but you can sense the excitement.


brianalexander said...

One of the coolest nights dude. Thanks for including me.

Hollie said...

Hey Derek!! Looks like a great show. We saw Bon Jovi a few months ago and LOVED it!
Yes, I have connected with Brandi Wilson. Such a sweet girl!! The blogger world is so great!
Looks and sounds like a great church. We have been trying to get to Nashville for a weekend. We may just have to visit there.
Have a great day.

lukeoakman said...

Derek, CC freaking DeVille! Awesome that you get to be part of his walk and brought Pete and that other guy to talk to him.

Ronni said...

I'm stunned. See I grew up with the guys from Poison. Really. Mechanicsburg, PA. I remember when they hit. I used to sell tshirts with Larry (Rikki's dad) and my aunt even dated Rikki for a while... they were great guys and I always wished God would do something... when CC joined the band... well it was a hard time for everyone... I'm so stinkin' giddy that God got CC!!! That CC has God!! CC if you read this dude... I'm sitting here in tears... because I've watched your life, and prayed and I can't even put into words what this means. I'm so stinkin' glad you are my brother man! Wow.

Dannation said...

I feel famous by association to you. Cool video!